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Medina Sod Farms Inc.has been noted for quality turfgrass for more than 50 years.

Our sod comes in a variety of blends to suit various needs such as climate, usage, and sun and shade conditions. View our Sod Blends & Mixtures

With today's ecological concerns, more people are considering sod for its environmental benefits. Sod cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun's heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe. Sod is also an immediate erosion control for new construction sites. As it grows, sod silently contributes to a healthier environment.

We have three locations in Northeast Ohio, one in Medina County and two in Wayne County.

We are a member of the Turfgrass Producers International, The Ohio Landscapers Association, The Ohio Sod Producers Association, and the Ohio Homebuilders Association.

If you have more questions please visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) web page. Or you can email us at info@medinasodfarms.com .

We offer delivery to Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and most of West Virginia. Call for more info, or request a quote!

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