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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of sod will work best for me?

Your choice of turfgrass variety depends on the final use of the area to be sodded. Information on each variety's characteristics, recommended uses and maintenance requirements will help you select the turfgrass variety most appropriate for your use.

All of our varieties are #1 Kentucky Bluegrass Sod:

Peat Based Sod:

  • Peat is organic material that is used to enrich soil.
  • Peat retains moisture better than mineral soil.
  • Peat based sod is lighter to handle for installation.
  • Peat based sod is suited for residential applications.

Mineral Based Sod

  • Mineral based sod is suited for high traffic applications
  • Mineral based sod is heavier to install

All of the fescue grass varieties share the same variety characteristics. The two dominant ones being shade tolerance and having very good drought resistance. Fine Fescues are more cold & shade tolerant than Tall Fescue, but both are used throughout much of the Central to Northern USA states.

Q: How do I measure how much sod I need?

Sod is sold by the square foot, although it is delivered by the roll. To find how much you need, calculate the area you will be covering (in square feet). If it's a rectangular area, this is length x width, of course.

Q: What is the size of a sod roll?

2' wide x 5' long = 10 square feet

Q: What is the weight of a sod roll?

30 - 40 lbs depending on the weather (which affects the moisture content of the soil).

Q. How much do you charge to deliver?

It depends on where your job-site is located. Please call us for a quote!

Q. How much do you charge per roll?

Please call for an up-to-date price.

Q. How many days notice do you need for picking up a sod order?

One day.

Q. How many days notice do you need for having sod delivered?

Usually, a 1 week notice is sufficient.

Q. Is there a minimum order required for delivery?

No! We do not have a minimum order for a delivery, we'll try and work with any size order!

Q. Does Medina Sod Farms have a privacy policy?

Medina Sod Farms only uses the information submitted by email to respond to a consumers inquiry, we do not share or sell any information to any outside parties.

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